Must-Have Skills for Web Developers

A web developer can be described as software developer which concentrates on internet applications and websites. There are several categories of web developers who works specifically on websites, net applications and e-commerce sites. These are merely a few types that many web developers fit in.

I would like to discuss what I believe are the must-have skills for Web Developers. For people who have basic idea about these skills, they can be developed significantly with proper training and study.


This is the building blocks of all websites and web developers must have a strong knowledge on this. They should understand all the standard attributes and tags to HTML codes. In case a developer don't have this skill, they most likely won't last for very long in this web market.


Web developers must-have a strong knowledge on CSS because this is the first step towards the design of your website. A developer should be in a position to code a complete design with pure CSS to load websites quickly, search engine friendly and helps webmaster's life much easier.

W3C / Cross Browser Compliant

Web developers must understand the coding rules of World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to get rid of any errors within your HTML and CSS. This is also applicable to websites having cross browser complaint such as functionality, design and layout and these must work all together in different browsers and operating systems.

Server Language

Having a deep understanding on a server-side coding language like PHP, ASP, or Perl will give you an edge when hiring a web developer. They must also have an expertise in database language like SQL or MySQL. Server and database languages must work together because this gives the web developer the idea of delivering dynamic content.


Professional web developers must have the knowledge in web designing. They must have skills or the ability to create a good web design for search engine and user interface aspect. Aesthetic web design can garner attention of many users and search engine.

SEO / Search Engine Marketing

Knowledge in search engine optimization (SEO) is also important to web developers. They are responsible in developing search engine friendly websites since site architecture is one of the major factors in search engine rankings.

If you are planning to hire a web developer for your website, keep in mind these must-have skills of a true professional web developers for your online success.


Hire a Webmaster to Keep your Site on Top

Webmasters play an important role in building and maintaining the web today. They must be a “jack of all trades” as hammered by most internet marketers. They must be excellent in server and application programming, must have an eye for graphics, email marketing, media development, site security and search engine optimization.

A distinct profile showing knowledge and expertise in web programming, graphics and visual design are very important to consider when hiring webmasters. A good webmaster understands the possibilities and essential requirement to carry out certain tributes. They must have knowledge, technologies and tools to put into action for his company or client.

Webmasters must posses efficiency. They must fully understand their trade so that they can accomplish more output beyond their expected time schedule, this means you can save time, money and effort.

Webmasters must have a project management skills. Majority, they serve as a project manager who works closely with web designers, programmers, content writers, web editors and the like. They also administers the site by setting it up, uploading contents, doing some maintenance tasks and other incidental concerns.

Webmasters must be an internet savvy and have expertise in building non-web templates. They must know how to build their brand on social media sites even they are involve more on technical aspect .

Webmaster have the ability to configure servers and to host sites and they must be responsive to the needs of every clients in a timely manner.

These are among the traits you will consider when hiring a webmaster to maintain your site on top of all major search engines. A high-quality, well functioning and attractive web pages could certainly increase your online credibility without having a great demand on substantial budget. So, it is a wise decision to hire a webmaster so you can expand and improve your online business in the long run.